Tea for Thought. 

Tea for Thought. 

Tea season is upon us and I’m very happy about this, however I don’t know why I don’t just have it frequently year around. I seem to associate it more during the colder seasons. 

When my boyfriend and I started dating he wasn’t a big tea fan and now he has more tea than I do. Green tea is his favorite, helps him focus and helps relax him. I do like green tea but it tends to give me reflux, so I like to stick to tea that has very little caffeine. 

However the first cup of tea I ever had was Earl Grey and it’s a staple for me. It tastes, to me, exactly what I would expect for tea. It has the perfect balance between bitter and sweet. 

It’s my home away from home tea, my comfort zone. I haven’t had it in forever but today I got it and was reminded why it’s always been my favorite. 

I think it’s time to restock my supply this fall. 


Study Buddies 

Been trying to keep up with my school work lately and let me tell you, it’s no cake walk. 

I have about equal amount of work for both of my classes and I can’t figure out how to balance it all out. 

Not to mention I have the attention of a goldfish. I can’t really create a study area for myself that doesn’t drown me in distractions. 

However twice now I’ve done my homework while being with a friend or my boyfriend and manage to accomplish more work than I would by myself. 

I definitely work better with someone with me than alone! 


I think I could go all year without going on for a cut for my hair. I’m happy to let that mane grow out and not worry about it. 

My eyebrows are another story. 

I never used to be high maintenance about my looks at all. I was never a big makeup person, I liked it and played around with it but I was never consistent, everyday with wearing it. 

This included my eyebrows, I didn’t even know I had bushy eyebrows, I just didn’t care. 

This all changed after I met my now hair dresser. 

To say she’s a miracle worker is an understatement. My boyfriend even goes to her which is really saying something. She just gets hair and hair gets her. 

So it’s been a little over two months closing in on three months since I’ve had mine done and I felt like I haven’t showered in months. 

I could just feeeel how much eyebrow I had going on, so getting them done today was probably the best feeling in the world. 

Eyebrow game is a real thing people. 

Emotional Decisions

I’m a pretty sensitive person, and whether I like to believe it or not, I do care what people think. 

I desire the respect of my teammates and I’m consistently concerned if I’m doing enough for my boyfriend and friends. 

However I also tend to react off of my emotions, whether it’s at the refs for not calling a penalty on a player or calling a penalty on me, or it’s when someone points out my mistakes and corrects them for me. 

However today, I got frustrated with my teacher and in class tutor. Not because they were helping me but because I hadn’t asked for help (and I didn’t need it) and they decided to butt in anyways. 

It usually takes me after the fact for me to realize what my best approach or wording should have been. 

I don’t think I did too bad this time but I was definitely peeved for the rest of class and I have a feeling that tutor won’t approach me unless asked for again. 

I had made my point pretty clear. 

It wasn’t my intention to burn that bridge (even singed it a little), but it was all unwelcoming and a bit overwhelming when they are both standing on either side of me hovering over my shoulder as I sit there and there hands are all over my work. 

I wanted to explode but I….”politely” asked to be left alone and that I hadn’t asked for the help. 

It turns out that my original answer was correct and the tutor was incorrect. 

So I’ll ask the teacher if I need help, I didn’t have much confidence in the tutor regardless. 

Meal Prep!

Meal Prep!

Today I meal prepped for my week and it felt GREAT :). I haven’t really cooked for myself in what feels like months and I finally got the motivation going again. 

Breakfast is my hardest meal to prep, I don’t always know if I’m up for eating right away (throw away the “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” quote, it’s not true) and if I am, how much of a hurry am in already and what do I want? 

I started the year eating the same thing every single morning for at least 4-5 months. It was yogurt, fruit and almonds.

 Quick and simple and the almonds could be to-go. I got bored of it and stopped eating breakfast.

However I don’t know what I ever want now so I keep some quick options available but I don’t prep it. 

This leaves me lunch, and, to me, lunch is the most important meal of the day. It’s my fuel for the rest of the day, it’s how I keep my energy going and my mentality positive (the hanger is real everybody). 

So I saw this video of meal prep ideas on Facebook and instantly wanted it. 

Anyone else obsessed with those Tasty food videos? 

I am. 

Here’s the link ^ 

So I did this meal but instead of baking the chicken and veggies I grilled them! It came out so good and I got four days worth of meals plus a small meal for my post practice munchies. I feel ready for this week and it feels good. Plus I got to spend time outside! 



My life is back in full swing after a terrible, messy, problem filled summer. 

But school is back, derby is rolling and work is busy. I’m getting my groove back into things and yet I still feel stuck in summer. 

That’s okay though because I know despite everything that happened I only have better things to look forward to and I like those odds. 

School is coming back!

My biggest love/hate relationship is starting up again in about 3 weeks and I’m excited :). 

I love school! I hate the act of it but I love the discipline it teaches me and the relationships I build I gain whether from my peers or teachers, even other faculties not apart of my classes.  

My college is welcoming and not intimidating at all, so I don’t ever feel over my head being there and managing my time there is easy to schedule and fluctuate with. 

I’m going to school for Business Administration, I’m a part time student and I’ve been going for the longest I’ve gone to college so far, I’m on my 5th semester and still have a lot of school ahead of me. 

This semester I’m taking my first business class, Marketing 101 I believe is the actual name of it. I’m excited to write a post about it because I finally have all the materials available to me so it finally feels real. Just need two more things that I’m getting this week. 

The one thing I wish I could do that’s pretty unnecessary is school shopping. I love new pens and pencils and binders and folders. Plus stickers and post it notes and planners and HIGHLIGHTERS. I love highlighters. 

I love back to school time! 

Any good suggestions and tips for college you can give?